The most ambitious M&A professionals and growth companies use Prozeed to drive Acquisitions and Transactions from start to final agreement.

With Prozeed, you get an all-in-one M&A SaaS platform that enables you to save time, resources, and costs in just one solution.

  • Intelligent search to identify potential candidates​
  • Pipeline Management driving the M&A process through every stage​
  • Simulation Tools for Mergers and Acquisitions​
  • Due Diligence process management​
  • Secure Data room for all documents​
  • Cooperation and Interaction between all parties in a transaction​
  • Digital signing of all agreements

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Do as the most ambitious M&A and growth companies do, and let us show you how to manage an acquisition opportunity from precisely an option to a signed agreement.


Prozeed is a Norwegian-based SaaS company founded in 2018.​

The core philosophy behind Prozeed is to consolidate all essential functionality and processes required to successfully execute complex Acquisitions and Transactions into a single, comprehensive tool. ​

We are drawing upon 40 years of experience in the M&A industry and using multiple software tools simultaneously to navigate the entire acquisitions and transactions journey. Yet, we have never found a platform that seamlessly integrates all the necessary features and processes in just one solution.​

Inspired by this challenge, the idea came to create a solution that combines all the necessary functionality and supports every step of the acquisition and transaction lifecycle.​

Since then, our mission has been to empower our customers with a unique tool that facilitates opportunities to explore, identify, interact, streamline, and execute value-added Acquisitions and Transactions.