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Tap into the power of a highly effective M&A Transaction Platform tailored to empower M&A professionals and businesses growing through acquisitions the opportunity to explore, identify, interact, streamline, and execute value-added Acquisitions and Transactions.​

Discover today how you can save time, resources, and costs.

The most ambitious M&A professionals and growth companies use Prozeed to drive Acquisitions and Transactions from start to final agreement

With Prozeed, you get an all-in-one M&A SaaS platform that enables you to save time, resources, and costs in just one solution.

  • Intelligent search to identify potential candidates​
  • Pipeline Management driving the M&A process through every stage​
  • Simulation Tools for Mergers and Acquisitions​
  • Due Diligence process management​
  • Secure Data room for all documents​
  • Cooperation and Interaction between all parties in a transaction​
  • Digital signing of all agreements

Prozeed’s software allows us to explore and identify potential acquisition candidates in the Nordics. The search results are highly relevant to our preferences.

We have been particularly impressed by how Prozeed’s search engine discovers exciting companies and how easy it is to navigate the search results. The user-friendly software provides accurate data that allows us to make informed decisions.

Overall, we highly recommend Prozeed to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to find potential acquisition candidates.

Anders Idebøen, Chairman Logiq

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