Our Partners


Creditsafe is our partner for financial data for all companies in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Their API makes it easy for us to manage the import into our system efficiently.

Creditsafe offers comprehensive credit checks on over 430 million businesses across 200 countries.

Accessible via the web and API, it is the world’s most widely used credit information provider.

Spinner Labs

Spinner Labs is a dynamic development partner with a team of 25 highly skilled developers and a robust management team.​

​With a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge technology and applications for industry leaders. Spinner Labs has established a strong reputation in the market.​

​Spinner Labs integrating Artificial Intelligence into the Prozeed platform, enhancing its capabilities and staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

Spinner Holding, which owns Spinner Labs, is one of the principal stockholders in Prozeed AS.

Syse Data

Making sure that data is stored securely is essential for businesses today.​

​Prozeed hosts its platform and data in a secure data center at Syse Data in Tønsberg.​

Syse operates a top-quality data center with a strong industry reputation for security and performance.