Some feedback from our advanced users

“Prozeed’s software allows us to explore and identify potential acquisition candidates in the Nordics. The search results are highly relevant to our preferences.

We have been particularly impressed by how Prozeed’s search engine discovers exciting companies and how easy it is to navigate the search results. The user-friendly software provides accurate data that allows us to make informed decisions.

Overall, we highly recommend Prozeed to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to find potential acquisition candidates.”

“The PE firm HG Capital is the owner of Geomatikk. Our company has completed several acquisitions during the years, but we acknowledge that the processes could be more optimal.

Firstly, we use too many different systems/programs to handle such operations, leading to a need for more overview and challenging collaboration.
Secondly, the processes depended on individuals, which we experienced when a former CFO left. The documentation regarding different acquisition processes was stored locally and, therefore, not accessible to the team. Thus, essential information got lost.

By using Prozeed, we have everything in a complete cloud-based solution with the possibility for collaboration and sharing of documents to work much more efficiently with this type of transaction.”

“The Prozeed platform empowers us with lightning-fast insights into potential acquisition targets. The quality of the search results is impressive!

Its unparalleled design offers a comprehensive bird’s-eye view through the innovative company card feature, enabling us to make swift, informed decisions about a company’s suitability for acquisition.”

“We were impressed with Prozeed’s comprehensive and responsive platform, covering every step from intelligent search to executing a company acquisition. As a company focused on investing in innovative, scalable software solutions, we knew we had to get involved with Prozeed. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this company.”

“Regroup is a consulting firm specializing in mergers & acquisitions. We have been using Prozeed to identify potential clients and, over the years, build up a vast database of prospective customers. Prozeed enables us to work much more efficiently with transactions, and it is evident that our clients experience better collaboration and effective processes with increased control over the outcome.

One example is an investment firm in Sandefjord, which has invested in 6 high-quality companies during the last two years. By using Prozeed intelligently, we have been able to identify these companies, introduce them, and execute transactions.”