The Team

Finn Oskarsson


Mr. Oskarsson is the Nordic Regional Director at Sapiens Corporation – one of the most prominent global vendors within insurance-related technology. Finn has extensive experience working with large scale IT-corporations and scaling up smaller software companies.

He has previous experience as Chairman of Fram Web, a fast-growing SaaS company specializing in warning systems and Conexus (ed-tech). His strengths include defining strategy, business and operational planning, sales management, people management, and customer management. He has a proven track record in business development – specifically within the Financial Services sector.

Arnfinn Kilden Blom


Mr. Blom is an experienced entrepreneur passionate about sales, sales management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. He has successfully co-founded and founded startups in various industries and markets in the Nordics. He has extensive experience working in SaaS companies and has always worked closely with customers.

His ability to understand business models and, not least, uncover needs has been crucial for success in creating growth and loyal customers. With a technical education and a degree in Business Economics from the University College of Southeast Norway, he brings a unique combination of technical knowledge and business understanding. Mr. Blom’s diverse background in various businesses and industries has given him the ability to tackle challenging situations and produce successful outcomes for customer success.

Øystein Madsen


Mr. Madsen, co-founder of Spinner Labs, plays a pivotal role in Norway’s software sector. With a team of 20 developers, he excels in developing complex software solutions for notable clients, including the House of Control, a Visma company.

His journey in technology commenced at a spirited startup and was fueled by extensive research at NTNU and SINTEF. His distinctive combination of technical understanding and leadership continues to position Spinner Labs at the vanguard of software innovation.

Rune Holsvik

Founder & CPO

Mr. Holsvik is a typical entrepreneur who started his first business at 21. He has over 30 years of experience building businesses in both the software and M&A sectors. He has a passion for software companies and started by designing what today is the platform for Prozeed.

His vision for Prozeed is to scale up the platform to become a leading software for the M&A sector globally.