Q: What is Prozeed?

A: Prozeed is a comprehensive SaaS solution developed over almost a decade. It offers a one-stop platform with advanced features like intelligent search, pipeline management, consolidation/merger simulation, due diligence process management, digital signing of contracts, a secure data room, and communication tools.

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Q: What does Prozeed offer?
A: Prozeed offers a complete solution for managing the entire process of acquiring companies, from intelligent search to contract signed. It also replaces spreadsheets, subscriptions for company data, and manual search engines.

Q: How does Prozeed make acquiring companies more efficient?
A: Prozeed provides all the necessary tools and access in one place, making the process more collaborative and efficient for you and your team.

Q: Is Prozeed the only solution on the market for acquiring companies?
A: Prozeed is the first and only solution on the market that allows you to manage the entire process of acquiring companies.

Q: What is a Similar Search in Prozeed?
A: Similar Search is a module in Prozeed that helps you find the best industrial match by providing an intelligent and effective worklist of highly relevant companies.

Q: How does Similar Search work?
A: Similar Search allows you to specify your preferences and use intelligent algorithms to produce a worklist of relevant companies.

Q: Does the performance of Similar Search improve over time?
A: Yes, the performance of Similar Search improves over time as you use Prozeed more often, thanks to the built-in intelligent algorithms in the SaaS solution.

Q: What does Prozeed offer for M&A transactions?
A: Prozeed offers a virtual M&A team and a platform for keeping the score of every transaction, making it easy to collaborate with your team and key people in the companies you are acquiring.

Q: How does Prozeed help with optimizing shareholders’ value?
A: Prozeed helps optimize shareholders’ value through its intelligent search and acquisitions capabilities, allowing you to find the best match and complete transactions effectively.

Q: What are the benefits of using Prozeed for M&A transactions?
A: By using Prozeed, you have everything in a complete cloud-based solution, with the ability to collaborate and share documents. Prozeed makes the M&A process much more efficient.